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About Pesticides.Trade

Local Merchant Services (LMS) runs an IBM Partner Programme featuring Blockchain. FADU is a co-operative of 500,000+ farmers. LMS and FADU are co-operating in the operation of Pesticides.Trade as a Blockchain Facilitated online Marketplace to connect suppliers with co-operatives who can use the resource to buy together. Coronovirus has changed how Trade is done. Video conferencing and Blockchain are now key.

Benefits Of Blockchain For Trade

Current Supply Chains are very inefficient, complex, and lack transparency. A major benefit to Buyers of Blockchain, is the transparency it provides, how it simplifies admin and payment, and the fact that products can easily be tracked in real time. With blockchain there's an immutable record of all the transactions and all the loads that move through the system. The blockchain can be used to track a product from its origin and help prevent fraud...

Benefits of Video Conferencing For Trade

Video Conferencing has become an essential prop for Trade.... The Pesticides.Trade Video Conferencing Programme will help enable business relationships, plan projects, and transact secure payments.

Utilization of Blockchain in The Programme

The Pesticides.Trade programme is facilitated by the Trade Gateways centralized blockchain platform operated by LMS. The platform brings together Co-operative Buyers, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in Pesticide Supply chains.

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